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I'm an award-winning children's portrait artist.  I'm self-taught and self-invented. Through years of diligent hard work, I rose to become one of the most sought-after photographers in metro Detroit.   Now, I'm consistently booked well in advance and average $2,500 per session in sales and run a top-grossing retail portrait studio in Birmingham, Michigan.  I also work commercially with some of the top agencies in Chicago and New York and on national campaigns.  Not long ago, I created an editorial campaign for none other than Neiman Marcus.

Just like you, I dared to dream "what if?" and felt a spark of inspiration.   Of course, success requires more than inspiration.   Success requires solid information and loads of motivation to create a profitable, sustainable business doing what you love so that you still love doing it.  

I began working as a photographer in 2006 after studying at the University of Michigan and the Sorbonne in Paris and working in international business and design.   After living in New York and abroad for several years, I returned home to metro Detroit at age 29.   It was the perfect time to ask myself, "What do I really want to do with my life?"   A few months later, I was in business and on my way.  You'll learn more about my personal story and many struggles as you read my kit.

I couple my love for photography with a passion for business.   When I started out, I was constantly searching for a resource to help me and my business grow.  It was a lonesome and difficult road.  It took years of practice, constant trial and error, and a few hard knocks to create what is now a very profitable and sustainable retail portrait art studio.  Out of that experience, I created the Focused Photographer Business Builder Kit for anyone just starting up or starting over.

This is a tough business and these are tough times.  Without the right tools and information, success is difficult to achieve.  The kit takes a "fluff-free, insider-advice" approach offering the critical information needed to transform yourself into the business and creative genius that you already are. 

I'm not here to blow smoke, make ridiculous claims of success and weath, or lead you down a road that is not realistic for you. I provide real-world tested advice, inspiration for dreaming, and the motivation to take the next step.

Unlike custom labor-intensive portrait art, which I will teach you to price for profit, I'm thrilled to be able to price this kit so that it is ACCESSIBLE and AFFORABLE for anyone seeking help.  I hope you will find value in what I've crated.  I'm confident that a rising tide will lift all boats.  I wish you the best in achieving your dreams.


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