Just like you, I dared to dream "what if?" and felt a spark of inspiration.   Of course, success requires more than inspiration.   Success requires solid information and loads of motivation to create a profitable, sustainable business doing what you love so that you still love doing it.

I am entirely self-taught and self-invented.   With a DSLR, a good eye, and almost nothing in the bank, I built a successful portrait business in only a few short years.  

With a passion for my work and the genuine desire to help others, I created the Mentorship Program for emerging and aspiring professional photographers looking to begin or rebuild a solid business on their own.   I understand that sometimes you just need a plan, a listening ear, a watchful eye, and a kick in the butt!  I'm here to help.

The first step to determining if we're a good fit isto simply e-mail me at karen@karenlippowiths.com.
The initial investment of $500 is due upon beginning the mentorship program.  Consultation via phone and web is at $125 per hour.  In-person consultation is $150 per hour.  Clients must also purchase the Business Builder Kit.

Weekly hour-long sessions for six consecutive weeks is the minimum time needed to cover all important topics and measure progress.  Clients may wish to extend the program as desired and as space permits.  Often, calls last 75 minutes (as time permits) to give clients the chance to explore issues and questions in-depth.

Sorry, I cannot schedule single sessions or spend "just a few minutes" answering questions outside of the mentorship program. 

Clients account must be funded in advance of all services.   Accounts may be funded using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover.  Sorry, no checks please.

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